Growing up in a household that fused scientific, natural and spiritual knowledge- at a young age Deepa developed a love of using this knowledge to help others.  Her mission is to be a continual student of the healing arts in order to better help treat and nourish the body, mind and the spirit as one. 

Deepa uses her knowledge, intuition,  and training of energy (reiki), food, nutrition, yoga, movement, meditation, and various other modalities to assist others in working through physical, emotional or any other types of blocks/issues.  Over the years, her tool belt has grown- and so has her love of nourishing and nurturing others.   Her passion is to help people achieve their greatest expression of self, attain optimal health and feel nourished- mind, body and soul.

The Nouishing Brahmin.


Graduate of the Intergral Institute of Qigong and Tai Chi

Inner Engineering with Sadhguru

Samdhana Yoga 50 Hr Chinese Medicine and Nutrition Training

YogaWorks 100 Hr Yin Yoga/Myofascial Yoga Training

YogaWorks200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Past Life Regression Training with Dr. Brian Weiss

Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 (Master Level) 

Art of Living Level 1 and 2 Mediation and Kriya 

Certification for Health Sciences (Drexel University)

BA. in Communication and Women’s Studies from Villanova University

Of course- Continual Self Education :) 


The name Love Deepa has a three-fold origin. Deepa means Light, and Deepa’s mom goes by Priti, which translates to Love.  Growing up, Deepa also used to say Love and Light, which is a combination of both her mom’s name and hers in meaning.  And last but not least, Deepa wants you to Love your life a little Deeper so consider it a reminder ;)